When Sarah acts, I have had the privilege of sitting in audiences, watching them leap to their feet in applause, cheering her performance. When Sarah directs, she draws out the very best from her actors, designers and technicians, inspiring them with a skill that invigorates her productions, bringing them to a rich, engaging life. She has a generosity with her talents as well, which is reflected in her tremendous skill as an Acting teacher. Her students adore her and she has a wonderful ability of reaching them, helping them achieve their very best.

Sarah has many friendships, some dating back all the way to when she was a little girl in Iowa. Those bonds are certainly reinforced by how trustworthy, honest, supportive, and dependable she is, and oh-so-fun to be with! All of these qualities and so many more are what makes her an incredible mother. She is such a good person, so loving, nurturing and joyful with our daughter Evelyn.

Please call/text 1-800-997-1720


Please call/text 1-800-997-1720


Thank You

We hope this letter helps you in making your decision. We would love to welcome your child into our home and family, and will devote our lives to their care. Please know that we want what you want: for you to be comfortable with your decision, and for your child to be placed in the right home. If you should choose to entrust us with your child, we will always honor and remember you and your wonderful act of courage and kindness. We look forward to getting to know you better. Please free to call or text us,  anytime and email us.

With Deepest Appreciation,
Eric and Sarah

If you have any questions or concerns about us, or the legal process, please feel free to contact our adoption attorney. She is extremely easy to speak to and happy to take your call to answer any questions you might have.

Eric Through Sarah’s Eyes

Eric is an amazing man. He’s funny, generous, thoughtful and loyal. He’s a talented actor who floors me with his transformations. I’ve seen him make audiences roar with laughter in slapstick comedies, weep when he meets tragedy, and gasp in shock when he’s villainous, which is proof he’s a fantastic actor because Eric is one of the kindest, sweetest souls I know. And one of the funniest- he makes me laugh every single day.

Sarah Through Eric’s Eyes

Sarah is an inspiration; so thoughtful, loving, kind, creative, funny, smart, and full of life. I am in awe of the many hats Sarah wears so brilliantly; Actor, Director, Educator, Friend, Mother, Spouse. She raises the bar, bringing a level of talent, sensitivity, strength and commitment to it all.

We’ve been married for ten years and our family ​life is stable, committed and full of laughter. We felt blessed to have a daughter, Evelyn, a few years into our marriage. Evelyn longs to be big sister and is a devoted and loving friend to children at her school and in our circle of friends.

Our town is beautiful in the autumn and Halloween is a huge event here! We are amazed by the incredible (and spooky) decorations everyone puts up, and we get hundreds of trick or treaters! Neighbors play music and have haunted houses and it’s a fantastic party for children and adults alike.

We spend Thanksgiving with Sarah’s family. There’s a lot of baking and friendly (but fierce!) competition for best pie (Eric’s chocolate pecan pie is always a contender). Sarah’s siblings and parents take turns hosting the big dinner, and we go to performances and parks and watch the Macy’s Parade together.

Sarah and her siblings love watching funny movies together, trying new restaurants, visiting zoos and aquariums and public gardens, hiking, finding good ice cream, and teasing each other with great affection. Sarah’s siblings are devoted aunts and uncles and your child would be welcomed with open arms into an adoring family and showered with love and attention.

Sarah’s father Mel, recently passed, was a public high school history teacher, and her mother Kathy is a retired nurse, first in pediatrics and then with hospice. Her mother lives in Colorado.

We grew up in very different parts of the country and are fascinated and curious about each other’s early years. Eric grew up in the West Village of New York City, a bohemian neighborhood teeming with artists and activity and people from all over the world. Sarah grew up in Iowa, where there are more animals than people, and quiet, beautiful open spaces.

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We love to be outside as much as possible. We particularly like hiking and swimming, and during the summer we visit our community pool nearly every day- when we’re not upstate swimming in the lake. We also host lots of barbecues and parties in our backyard!

Sarah loves to bake, especially bread and pie recipes passed down from her mother. Eric’s a great cook and a champion breakfast maker of waffles and pancakes.

Eric’s very affectionate and so good with children. He’s the adult who’ll always jump up and join kids in a game of tag, or be the ‘monster’ that chases them until they all fall down laughing. He taught Evelyn how to swim (he used to be a lifeguard on Coney Island), does fun chemistry experiments with her, and is always up for jumping in the snow, building a giant fort or having a pillow fight. He opens his heart up to all children, is a devoted father, a compassionate husband, a faithful friend, and a truly wonderful human being.

Please call/text Sarah and Eric anytime 1-800-997-1720

Our Families

We’re very lucky to be close with our families. Eric’s mother, Alice, is a painter, and his father, Eric Sr., was a neuropsychologist and writes poetry in his retirement. They currently live north of New York City.

How We Work

We have both been blessed with a lot of work in television, film and theater in New York City and all over the United States. Sarah works extensively as an actor in theatre, television and film and also directs many theatre productions. She loves working with students and has taught hundreds of wonderful kids.

Eric is also a successful theatre and television actor, and like Sarah, has traveled all over the U.S. and in parts of Europe with work. In addition, Eric is a very successful realtor in New York City and works with a firm that is close knit and supportive of our family. This has enabled us to be financially secure and to continue to do the artistic work that we love. We’re eager to share the world of the arts with a child as it has meant so much to us.

One of our favorite places to be is Eric’s family’s lake house in upstate New York. It’s been in his family for generations and his childhood adventures included building forts, exploring the woods, learning to swim, and bonfires on the beachfront. It’s become a special place for reuniting with extended family, celebrating holidays together, swimming, hiking to the waterfall, eating lots of local ice cream, and visiting the neighbor’s barn to see the calves and barn kittens. Evelyn has fallen in love with it just as we have, and we dream of sharing this incredible place with another child.


Christmas is a magical time for us. We have a tradition of picking out our Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving, and we make a whole weekend out of decorating it with heirloom ornaments, handmade ornaments from Evelyn (which have become heirlooms), and adding at least one new ornament each year from our adventures.

We value experiences and make them our Christmas gifts to each other. Going to New York City’s Big Apple Circus, “The Nutcracker” ballet, “A Christmas Carol” or another holiday production, Rockefeller Center, and celebrating with friends at holiday parties have become beloved traditions. We look forward to creating even more memories and traditions with Evelyn and her sibling.

We spend the Fourth of July at Eric’s family’s lake house. We host a family barbecue bookended by lots of swimming and cousins running around with sparklers. We watch the fireworks from the dock which provides a magnificent view over the water.

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Sarah is the second of four children. Her brothers Bob and Ted, and Ted’s wife Molly, and sister Mary and her husband Brett, all live in Colorado near their parents. Despite the distance, we’re very close with all her siblings and we travel a few times a year to visit them and love having her family visit us!

Eric is also a successful real estate professional. He works incredibly hard, with tenacity, patience and wisdom, and his clients trust him absolutely, knowing that he genuinely wants to help them. In just a few years he received so many referrals and rave reviews from his clients that his company promoted him to a Vice President. His steadfast commitment to helping others and building a stable and comfortable life for his family is nothing short of heroic.

Eric’s a hero around our house, too! He’s very handy and technologically skilled, and enjoys the challenge of fixing broken toys and appliances and making improvements to our home. He’s a great cook and likes tinkering with his recipes- be it his chili, pizza or marinara sauce- and always welcomes Evelyn to help him in the kitchen.

In our town there are parades on holidays, and art, literary and music festivals throughout the summer. We picnic and play and dance with neighbors and friends at these all-day celebrations!

Please call/text 1-800-997-1720


Please call/text 1-800-997-1720


We first met in New York City at a holiday party held by our talent agency. We were represented by the same agents but our paths hadn’t crossed before. We made a warm, friendly connection, and over the next few years, when we would run into each other at auditions or on the streets of NYC, we’d get a cup of coffee and catch up. On the last of these chance meetings, when we were both auditioning for a play, Eric decided he’d always regret it if he didn’t ask Sarah out on a date. After finishing his audition, he waited outside the building while Sarah finished hers, buying a cup of coffee for himself so it wouldn’t seem like he was waiting for her. When Sarah emerged, she ran across the street, missing him entirely.

Eric pushed his way through the mass of people in Times Square to catch up with her. He found her at the subway station but Sarah had no time to talk because she was rushing to a rehearsal. Eric jumped on the train with her and in their brief chat learned that Sarah was single and then asked her if she’d like to have dinner with him. Sarah was surprised and flattered, and happy to meet him for dinner, but she was about to have knee surgery and planned to move across the country after her recovery, so starting a relationship wasn’t something she was considering.

Sarah is the heart of our home and makes it such a comfortable, warm place to be. She is a wonderful baker, always creating amazing treats with Evelyn in our kitchen. She loves to celebrate the holidays and special occasions. We are fortunate to have a lovely backyard and garden which Sarah tends to year-round, taking great joy in. She also likes to travel and explore new places. Even if it's just an overnight to a beachside town, enjoying nearby cultural destinations or a weekend at our lake cabin, Sarah is always game. Sarah is the finest person I know. I'm so proud to be her husband and life partner.

Our Home

We bought our home three years ago, charmed by the family friendly restaurants, bookstore, ice cream shop, bakery and shops. There are several parks near our house, and a huge nature preserve and zoo within minutes of our home.

We love our quiet, safe, tree-lined street. In the summer we live in our backyard and in the winter our living room is the coziest room with fires in the fireplace, dance parties, and Friday Family Movie Nights.

In our home, your child will be loved and nurtured by two very involved parents. We would love to read stories, help with homework, play games, do craft projects, celebrate holidays, go on vacations, and help your child grow to their full potential. We will cherish all moments large and small in their growth and development.

Expenses Paid.

Hi! We’re Sarah and Eric - a loving, kind-hearted, and stable couple living in a charming town in New Jersey. We would be overjoyed to share our lives, our home, and our hearts with your child. We know you are making important and difficult decisions right now, and we want you to know how much we admire and respect you for all you are doing to give a couple who love children the amazing opportunity to be parents for your child.

We love children and feel we can offer a special situation for your child. As successful actors, we have flexible schedules that enable us to be very involved parents. We live in a beautiful and vibrant town and we can provide your child with the security of a loving home and the diverse opportunities of our town’s educational and cultural life.

Thank you for taking the time to consider us as potential adoptive parents. We hope that this letter will help you to get to know us a little better and give you a sense of security about your decision, should you decide that we are the right adoptive parents for your baby.

We’ve built on a tradition started by Eric’s late grandmother: throughout the year we collect driftwood, sea glass, and other treasures on the shore line and make boats with them. On the last night of summer, we light tea lights on the boats and launch them into the lake, giving thanks for the year we’ve had and making wishes for the year to come.

Eric’s other brother, Colin, lives in New York City with his wife, Cara, and their two children, Gwyn and Luke. Colin and Eric love to play games and meet regularly with a group of longtime friends for game night and camaraderie.

How We Play

We love to travel to new places and visit family and friends around the country. Going to museums, zoos, aquariums, botanical gardens, the theatre, ballet, concerts and baseball games are always a part of our plans. We would love to share all of these experiences and adventures with your child.

Eric is the youngest of three boys and we have a very strong relationship with both of his brothers. His oldest brother, Curtis, lives in Northern California with his wife, Kathleen, and their daughter Kelsey lives nearby. Their son Mitchell lives in New York City. Curt and Eric both like music and movies, often getting into long exchanges sharing their latest favorites and recommendations.

In the autumn, going apple and pumpkin picking to make pies and breads is a must (as is eating apple cider donuts).

Please call/text 1-800-997-1720


Please call/text 1-800-997-1720


We invite our friends and Eric’s parents to spend Christmas Eve and Day with us, adding extra stockings to the fireplace and laughing at the growing mountain of gifts under the tree. On Christmas Day we feast and dance and open gifts and watch movies, and it’s not uncommon for guests to stay an extra day or two in order to keep celebrating!

​Our Relationship

We’re so happy to have found each other. We are spirited individuals who have a great partnership, built on a foundation of love and respect. We support each other and make each other laugh, and that’s made our marriage strong, committed and a great adventure.

Successful professionals, will be stay-at-home mom & doting dad, long for a baby to give a world of opportunities, music, creativity, beautiful lake house, laughter, outdoor adventures & unconditional love.

Valid Home Study Approved.

Eric surprised Sarah by offering to take care of her during the long recovery from her surgery, and during those months she discovered that he was worth staying in New York for and he was the one she should build a life with.

A year and a half after that first date, we were married in a park in New York City in an intimate celebration with our family and closest friends. We had a small party in a nearby cafe with views of the Statue of Liberty across the water. There was a lot of music, dancing, food and joy!

We love to read and reading to Evelyn and having her read to us has become a favorite daily ritual. Our local library has a fantastic children’s room that we visit at least once a week.

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